Swimming and Spa Pool Covers

Swimming pool covers are well worth the investment. As well as being an obvious companion for Solar or Electric heating, a swimming pool cover just on its own can provide 2 or 3 degrees more heat to your pool water, giving you a longer, more enjoyable swimming season. A pool or spa cover will reduce evaporation, resulting in less water and chemical consumption.

We can provide custom made swimming pool or spa pool covers to suit your requirements:


BubbleStrip1.jpgAn effective, lower cost heat retention cover

Soltego 400 Solar Blanket
The lightest grade of bubble cover at 400 microns. Well suited to residential pools.

Soltego 500 Solar Blanket
A heavier grade bubble cover at 500 microns. Suited to residential, commercial and school pools.

Soltego Silverback Solar Blanket
500 micron plastic - blue on top and silver on bottom suited to residential, commercial and school.

Soltego Protop 600 Solar Blanket
The heaviest grade of bubble cover at 600 microns. Suited to commercial and school installations.

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Duokote_Aug_10.JPGHow It Works

  • Thermal blanket covers float on the pool surface. the closed cell foam core creates an insulating layer which traps heat in the pool.


  • The heavy duty duokote is suitable for both commercial and residential pools.
  • The duokote's superior heat retention make it the preferred option for heated pools.
  • Duokote's durability make it the preferred option for schools and commercial applications.



  • A layer of closed cell foam laminated between two sheets of woven, p.e. film.
  • The p.e. film is u.v. stabilised and formulated specifically for the harsh pool environment.

Thermal Blanket Pool Cover Cross Section
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Reel_My-T_40.JPGSimplifies use, reduces dragging and increases cover life.

Residential Cover Reels

  • Extends the life of the cover.
  • Durable construction.
  • For all shape pool covers.

Commercial & School Cover Reels

  • Designed for heavy use.
  • Heavy duty stainless construction.
  • For extra-long or wide pool shapes.
  • Also suit large residential pools.

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  • Reduce expensive heat loss.
  • Keep the spa clean.
  • Prevent children accessing the pool.

How It Works

  • The hardcover sits on the top rim of the spa.
  • It acts like the lid on a pot to trap heat.


  • Can be used on both residential and commercial spas.


  • Made by inserting two high strength polystyrene foam sheets into a vinyl outer.
  • The bottom of the cover is made of chlorine resistant p.e. plastic to eliminate bleaching.
  • The handles are internally strengthened.
  • The tie downs are strengthened and adjustable.
  • Locking mechanisms are fitted to limit access to the spa.
  • We use proven u.v. resistant vinyl (proven over 12 years of use).
  • The central hinge is strengthened.
  • The internal foams are supported across the centre with an aluminium channel.
  • The internal foams have a 100 to 50mm taper to prevent ponding on the surface of the cover.

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